Computational Mathematics and Multiscale Modeling

Computational Mathematics and Multiscale Modeling (CM3)

Computational and data sciences are interdisciplinary fields. The advent of computing technology is rapidly transforming how mathematics gets used in these nascent fields and in other aspects of our life. To make numerical simulation a third pillar of scientific and engineering research and to make sense of complex data, we need reliable, informative and predictive computing. Our research focus on the development and analysis of mathematical models across scales, efficient and intelligent computational algorithms and their implementation and applications. We aim at developing reliable and rigorous platform for validating and verifying simulations based research and innovative approaches that can explore and translate simulation data to scientific principles and knowledge. 

Some acronyms invented by us (© reserved):

  • CM3: a research group on Computational Mathematics and Multiscale Modeling led by Qiang Du, the Fu Foundation Professor of Applied Mathematics, in the department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, SEAS, Columbia University. Located and also affiliated with the Data Science Institute, it involves research at the interface of mathematical, computational and data sciences.
  • TEAMS: multifaceted applied mathematics training flatform, coined by Prof.Du, representing the integrated Training in Experiments, Analysis, Modeling, and Simulations, emphasizing on team spirit.
  • I2SC: the title of a 2008 paper published by Prof.Du on Informative and Intelligent Scientifc Computing to promote the learning of information and the building of intelligence in scientific computing practice.
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